Our CEO, Adolfo Llorente, Discusses the Current State of the Industry and VR VideoGames. An analysis of the videogame sector in Spain AEVI, Spanish Video Game Association (Asociación Española de Videojuegos), has released the Spanish Videogame yearbook 2023. This report thoroughly analyzes the videogame industry throughout 2023 in an engaging and clear manner. It covers […]

AEVI & Friendly Fire Studios Un nuevo paso en el viaje de ALS Friendly Fire Studios sigue avanzando paso a paso. En este primer anuncio del año estamos emocionados de compartir que formamos parte, de forma oficial, de la Asociación Española del Videojuego (AEVI). Asimismo alineándonos con otras fuerzas destacadas de la industria, como son […]

This will be the year of A Long Survive New year, new survival. A new year for A Long Survive. With the start of the year 2024, we feel more motivated than ever about the progress of our project, A Long Survive. Since we began this journey in the first quarter of 2023, we have […]

A Long Survive wins its first award A Long Survive — Best Indie Award 2023 A Long Survive has won the Best Indie Award 2023 by Game4Play Pro. During our participation at MangaFest 2023, A Long Survive, the first project by Friendly Fire Studios, had the honor of being awarded as the best indie by […]

GET READY FOR BATTLE! ADD A LONG SURVIVE TO YOUR Wishlist “In the devastation and outcry of defeat, a new destiny was forged. An echo reverberated in the hearts of every human being, an ancestral call that summoned us to unite as never before” After much hard work and dedication, we are filled with pride […]

Join us. Enter the future. What is Space Corp? “In the heat of battle, when the world trembled under the menacing shadow of the Lerp, humanity faced its darkest hour. The skies burned with the fury of a relentless foe that challenged our existence. Between the chaos and despair, the truth was revealed: we were […]