Best Indie Award 2023 — Game4Play Pro

A Long Survive wins its first award

Best Indie Award
Game4Play Pro Award — Best Indie 2023

A Long Survive — Best Indie Award 2023

A Long Survive has won the Best Indie Award 2023 by Game4Play Pro.

During our participation at MangaFest 2023, A Long Survive, the first project by Friendly Fire Studios, had the honor of being awarded as the best indie by Game4Play Pro.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to Game4Play Pro for this recognition. This award signifies acknowledgment of the hard work and dedication our team has invested in developing our video game. We also want to thank everyone who tried the game and provided us with valuable feedback and opinions; your support means the world to us.

Your positive reactions and encouraging comments about A Long Survive during the event greatly motivate us. It brings us joy to know that the game has left a positive impression on those who have experienced it.

This award propels us to continue striving to enhance A Long Survive even further. Currently, we are in an exciting phase of development. While we have a playable beta, we are still diligently working on refining and perfecting many aspects of the game. This initial stage allows us to gather valuable feedback and suggestions to enhance the gaming experience.


We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. We encourage you to add A Long Survive to your Wishlist on Steam to stay informed about upcoming updates and the dedicated enhancements we are preparing.

Once again, thank you to Game4Play Pro. We remain committed to delivering a game we hope you will thoroughly enjoy.


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