Add A Long Survive to your wishlist!


Add A Long Survive to your Wishlist


“In the devastation and outcry of defeat, a new destiny was forged. An echo reverberated in the hearts of every human being, an ancestral call that summoned us to unite as never before”

After much hard work and dedication, we are filled with pride to shout it out loud: We’re on Steam! You can find us using the search bar or by clicking here. Don’t hesitate. Add us to your WishList.

A Long Survive enters an exciting new phase of development. At this stage, where you can add us to your Wishlist on Steam, we’re excited to announce that we’ll showcase a more extensive amount of in-game content, enabling you to dive even deeper into the game’s universe. The development progress moves forward steadily, and we thrill at witnessing our project coming to life. We eagerly anticipate sharing more details with you as our vision takes shape.

What is A Long Survive? It’s our video game. It’s a virtual reality experience that challenges you to survive against hordes of enemies. And yes, teamwork will be your best ally! Gather your friends, manage your resources wisely, and fortify your area to the maximum to protect the Nexus and fulfill your mission. Survival is the key, and every decision you make will make a difference.

We invite you to be part of this adventure from the beginning. Add A Long Survive to your WishList on Steam to stay updated on updates and exciting news we’re preparing for you!

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