The Story of A Long Survive

Our home, Earth, was attacked and devastated. But we won. We managed to drive out the Lerp and obtain their technology. Now we have to find resources on other planets and search for a possible new home for humanity. We know they will attack again. But we will be prepared. We will do what we do best: Survive.

In A Long Survive, you will take on the role of a soldier from Space Corp. Your mission will be to team up with other members of the corporation and complete a series of missions. These missions will take place in various planets locations where extraction nexuses have been established. Your objective will be to protect the nexus while gathering resources and sending them to the main base.

In a worldfull of big companies, we are a small game studio with big dreams. Here, creativity and the emotion to create flow from each of us, contributing a piece of our essence, to collectively form Friendly Fire Studios.
We were born from the collaboration of several experienced developers, aiming to create our own video game. Previously focused on the VR world, we wanted to imagine our favorite games from behind a VR headset. That is how our first project, A Long Survive, came to life.

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