A new year for A Long Survive

This will be the year of A Long Survive

New Year for A Long Survive

New year, new survival.

A new year for A Long Survive.

With the start of the year 2024, we feel more motivated than ever about the progress of our project, A Long Survive. Since we began this journey in the first quarter of 2023, we have experienced significant growth and have seen our project taking shape. We’re very happy about that.

In December 2023, we had the chance to present our game to the public for the first time at different events (Mangafest and BIG Conference). We’re thrilled with the response we received. It was rewarding to see so many people visiting our booth and trying out A Long Survive. Not only did we win an award for Best Indie at Mangafest from Game4Play Pro, but a lot of people were smiling, cheering, and having a good time with our video game. We’re working on a video about this and will share it as soon as it’s ready.

For this 2024, our plan is to have a much more active presence on social media (instagram, twitter…) and likely participate in other events. We’ll be showcasing more game content, including a greater number of gameplay videos. Additionally, we’ll be keeping a development diary where you’ll be able to see the initial steps of A Long Survive and read our thoughts and comments as Friendly Fire Studios, its developers.

The Team

We appreciate the support we’ve received so far and hope to keep counting on all of you. Stay tuned for all the exciting updates coming this new year 2024.

Thank you for being with us so far. Together, a long survival awaits us.

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