A Long Survive — Team Meeting — Friendly Fire Studios

In a world full of big companies, we are a small game studio with big dreams. Here, creativity and the emotion to create flow from each of us, contributing a piece of our essence, to collectively form Friendly Fire Studios.
We were born from the collaboration of several experienced developers, aiming to create our own video game. Previously focused on the VR world, we wanted to imagine our favorite games from behind a VR headset. That's how our first project, A Long Survive, came to life.

Only those who take risks achieve what they set out to do.
Javier Requena
Lead Game Designer
With passion in our code and creativity in our DNA, we forge virtual worlds that defy the boundaries of imagination. We are the unbreakable spirit of game developers, breathing life into emotions and taking players to new dimensions of fun and awe.
Adolfo Llorente
CEO & 1# FAN
Angel Gonzalez
Core Programmer
We are called Friendly Fire Studios because from the team that conforms it, the only way we have to kill something in a video game, is by activating the Friendly Fire.
Carlos Puche
Multiplayer Programmer

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