Space Corp. Humanity’s Shield

Join us. Enter the future.

What is Space Corp?

“In the heat of battle, when the world trembled under the menacing shadow of the Lerp, humanity faced its darkest hour. The skies burned with the fury of a relentless foe that challenged our existence. Between the chaos and despair, the truth was revealed: we were vulnerable, divided, and exposed.

All the same, in the devastation and outcry of defeat, a new destiny was forged. An echo reverberated in the hearts of every human being, an ancestral call that summoned us to unite as never before. From the flames of conflict emerged the voracious sword of the Lerp, poised to engulf us in their vengeful fury. From the ashes of adversity, we raised our shield; the Space Corp, humanity’s shield.

The Space Corp, in its magnificence and glory, is not just an organization; it is the very embodiment of our collective will, an invincible shield forged by the determination to safeguard our home and propel us toward the stars. In its imposing presence, humanity finds its unity, its strength, and its hope”.

Space Corp – Humanity’s Shield

What will be your mission?

Welcome to A Long Survive, where you will become a brave soldier of the Space Corp! Your mission is crucial: to defend the Nexus during extraction operations.

After the devastating Expulsion War, Earth was stripped of its natural resources, plunging into despair. The Space Corp embarked on a vital mission: to search for resources on other planets and establish extraction bases.

However, these bases quickly became targets of enemy attacks, resulting in the infection of extraction planets. As a member of the corporation, your duty will be to protect the Nexus from enemy sieges while extracting the necessary resources for survival.

Are you ready to accept this crucial challenge and join the Space Corp in its fight for humanity’s survival?

Get ready for action, defend the Nexus, and secure the future of our home in A Long Survive!

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