At Friendly Fire Studios we are big fans of games where waves of enemies appear and you must use your skill to advance.
The idea of being able to develop a game like this, cooperative multiplayer, where you can play with your friends who have a VR device, another one with a keyboard and mouse or even a mobile phone, was our priority.

Therefore, A Long Survive was born.

A Long Survive — Early Concept




Difficulty Scale

A Long Survive


A Long Survive bases its gameplay on these 4 fields that we see on the left, balancing their use so that all players can enjoy the game without frustration for having a too high peak of the mechanics.
Mixing all these components in A Long Survive, we will have a game in which we can really choose how to play and cooperate online with different players to survive all the waves and to secure the area.


Play as a team. Connect with your friends on PC or VR and experience A Long Survive with them.
It doesn't matter which platform you or your friends play on, you'll be able to connect with them, synchronize, devise strategies, and try to survive together.

A Long Survive — Coop — Screenshot
A Long Survive — Gameplay — Screenshot

Survive the waves of enemies that will attack you.
Devise your strategies, build and manage to stop the assault of the Lerp army. It doesn't matter how, but you must protect the Nexus or everything will be lost. If the Nexus falls, the game will be over.

You will fight against increasingly numerous and challenging waves of enemies. They will attack from different locations, trying to end your life or destroy the Nexus. You will have to adapt to each situation to survive.
They won't give you any respite, so if you want to survive, you'll have to be fast and effective.

Due to this, you will have to arm yourself to the teeth. You'll be able to purchase all kinds of weapons to defend the Nexus.
Find your playstyle and figure out how to survive in A Long Survive.

A Long Survive — Enemies — Screenshot-3
A Long Survive — Structures — Screenshot

Not only will you have a wide variety of weapons at your disposal. Thanks to the "Forge Gun" and the resources you acquire during the game, you can fortify your position. You will earn resources as you defeat enemies. The way you take them down will have an influence, applying certain bonuses.
You will have the possibility to build walls, turrets, and many other constructions that will help you protect the nexus.

Be smart. Use your resources and those of your team strategically.

The enemy waves will escalate in difficulty as the game progresses. The enemies will become more numerous and challenging. Different enemies with greater complexity will appear in the final hordes, as well as bosses that will be a real challenge.
You will also have various mechanics that will allow you to adapt the difficulty to increase the challenge and obtain greater benefits.

A Long Survive — Enemies — Screenshot-4

“It was our fault. Our home, the Earth, was attacked and devastated. But we prevailed. We managed to drive out the Lerp and acquire their technology. We know they will attack again. But we will be prepared.”

Year 2035, Earth isnt the paradise it once was, becoming a hopeless wasteland with no future in sight.


The arrival of the Lerp in 2030 changed everything forever. They invaded us. They attacked us. The so-called “Expulsion War” lasted only six months, but this turning point marked a new era for humanity. It forced us to unite as a race and fight for our own survival.

Humanity came together in different factions; Greater Europe, Asianic, and United America.


We prevailed. We managed to expel the Lerp and even stole some of their weapons, technology, and knowledge. It was then that we realized they were only seeking revenge. We had unknowingly destroyed one of their planets.


In 1977, we sent the Voyager 1 probe into space with the hope of leaving our mark on the universe… Who would have thought that the mark we would leave would be this? This event triggered everything. We lost contact with the probe in 2024 after a gravitational phenomenon altered its trajectory. Voyager 1 ended up on the planet of the Lerp, a planet whose atmosphere was incompatible with the Gold that composed the disc inside it. A tiny gold disc ended up destroying an entire planet. What was meant to be a message of peace became the destructive mark that humans have always been. 


The Lerp left, but we know they will return. That was just a scouting party. We have to prepare for their return. But not on Earth, we must expand, search for resources, and fortify ourselves for when they arrive.


Only if we succeed will there be hope.

Only if we succeed will there be a future.


  • In 1977, the Voyager 1 spacecraft is launched into space. This spacecraft contains a golden record with information about humanity.

  • In 2024, a gravitational pull changes Voyager 1’s trajectory and propels it at high speed. It is lost track of.

  • In 2028 (Earth year), Voyager 1 comes into contact with the atmosphere of Nöxynthul, a colony planet inhabited by the Lerp, located in Eridanus II, a distant galaxy in the Eridanus constellation, approximately 370,000 light-years from Earth.

    • The gold on the record, upon contact with the atmosphere, triggers a toxic chain reaction that oxidizes and decays the habitable atmosphere of the planet, leading to its inevitable demise and the death of the majority of the colony.

    • The surviving Lerp make contact with their home planet and analyze the golden record. They interpret it as an attack and decide to depart and seek revenge against Earth. Unable to decipher Earth’s exact location, they launch different advance parties to planets that fit its description.

  • In the year 2030, the Lerp arrive on Earth. The Expulsion War begins.

    • Earth was already in an internal crisis due to resource scarcity and internal conflicts. This, combined with the Lerp attack, leaves Earth unprepared for such a threat.

  • All of Earth unites in a joint attack against the Lerp, and after a great battle that lasts six months, the Lerp are defeated and flee from Earth.

    • Unfortunately, this was only a small advance force of a much larger, better-prepared, and numerically superior army.

    • The expelled Lerp flee in damaged ships without communication methods, so it will take them time to return to their planet and report the situation.

    • During the six months of the Expulsion War, the Lerp leave behind technology that humans begin to study.

  • The state of Earth was lamentable. Partially destroyed, lacking resources, and facing the threat of a possible return of a larger Lerp army. Three factions are formed to work together in preparing for what lies ahead:

    • Europe unifies as Great Europe.
    • Asia becomes Asianic.
    • America becomes United America.

  • Earth focuses its efforts on providing humanitarian aid to survivors while studying and adapting the new Lerp technology.

    • Significant advances are made in weaponry and infrastructure.

  • In the year 2033, the first expeditions begin in search of habitable planets and resources.

    • A self-construction system of strongholds is created to prepare the planets before the arrival of humans.

  • Year 2052, the events of the video game unfold.