Friendly Fire Studios forms part of AEVI Spanish videogame yearbook 2023.

Our CEO, Adolfo Llorente, Discusses the Current State of the Industry and VR VideoGames.

AEVI - Spanish videogame yearbook 2023
AEVI – Spanish videogame yearbook 2023

An analysis of the videogame sector in Spain

AEVI, Spanish Video Game Association (Asociación Española de Videojuegos), has released the Spanish Videogame yearbook 2023. This report thoroughly analyzes the videogame industry throughout 2023 in an engaging and clear manner. It covers various aspects including sales figures, revenue, user statistics, console distribution, and more. Additionally, it includes insights and analyses from prominent Spanish video game companies and their leaders.

Friendly Fire Studios has had the opportunity to contribute to this annual report, thus showcasing our perspective as well (page 37).

Friendly Fire Studios talks about VR games and our first game A lONG sURVIVE.

In our participation in the yearbook, we aimed to showcase our excitement about the evolution of the VR industry within the realm of videogames. We made a direct reference to the recognition from major industry players, who both surround and make it challenging to stand out in the field. We clearly express our intention to coexist and grow within the industry by closely following VR trends. And, of course, we mention A Long Survive, our video game.

Explore the videogame yearbook 2023 and Stay Informed About the State of the Industry

The videogame yearbook 2023 created by AEVI is truly fascinating. Many other major players in the video game sector also share their insights, such as EA, Bandai Namco, Nintendo, Sony, and many more. If you’re interested in the video game industry, you must read it.

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