Thanks to CREA SGR for supporting “A Long Survive”.



An exciting horizon emerges over Friendly Fire Studios! We eagerly share news that will further fuel our commitment to innovation in the video game industry, bringing “A Long Survive” closer to our goal as developers striving to create something significant.

crea sgr and audiovisual finanzas sgr joins als

In this thrilling journey of creativity and challenge. We proudly announce a new collaboration. We received financial support from CREA SGR and AUDIOVISUAL FINANZAS SGR, both being non-profit financial institution under the supervision and inspection of the Bank of Spain. They have provided us with financial support. Their exceptional commitment to supporting innovative projects has been proven, and we are delighted to partner with them.

“A Long Survive” represents our intrepid virtual reality video game project, with a central focused on intense gameplay centered around hordes and cooperative play. It’s about to receive a phenomenal boost thanks to the financial backing of CREA SGR. Our game aims to deliver an unparalleled cooperative action experience within the VR sector, and this collaboration helps us take it to new heights and further refine its potential.

The passion and dedication we have invested in “A Long Survive” from the beginning continue to grow. Every day, we move forward with determination towards creating an immersive gaming experience that captivates players and makes “A Long Survive” something significant.

We sincerely thank CREA SGR for joining us on this adventure. Stay tuned, because this journey has only just begun

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