About YOU

Name: Angel Gonzalez

Job Title: Core Programmer


Favorite Game: Pokemon Crystal

What kind of video games do you play? Do you spend a lot of time playing video games?

Many and varied. Because of the time I have, I can only do a few runs of Dead Cells or Slay the Spire.

What was your first encounter with video games? Was it the video game that made you fall in love with them?

Pokémon Red

How much experience do you have in the video game industry? What was the biggest challenge you have faced?

Professionally since 2019. Being the only programmer in a company being the first video game project and barely knowing the engine.

Who is your favorite video game character? Do you think you are related to him/her?

Illidan of Warcraft World. Umm… I don’t think so, but I like his story and design.

Imagine you could mix two video games into one, and the end result would be good. Which ones would you mix?

Slay The Spire + Final Fantasy VII

If you had to decide on a video game world to live in, what would it be?

Probably the Pokemon World.

What is it like to work at Friendly Fire Studios? Tell us some interesting anecdotes.

A roller coaster of emotions.

About A long Survive

Tell about a recent development challenge you have encountered and how you solved it.

Having to analyze code snippets from projects to get a glimpse of what in principle could be a solution since Epic Games does not provide documentation.

Do you have any interesting details about the development process that you can share?

There is always something new to learn and develop in A Long Survive.

Which mechanics of A Long Survive do you find most fun or innovative?

The multiplatform between VR and PC.

As a player, what do you think would be your role or focus when playing A Long Survive? What do you think would be the role of the rest of the team?

The one who throws himself and then waits to be revived, I’m that guy at Friendly Fire Studios.

Soon we will publish more about the members of Friendly Fire Studios, stay tuned.